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Can’t wait to visit the beautiful country of Puerto Rico? Have you already made your itinerary? Do you have an idea which cities to visit already? Well, if you are still unsure of the places to see, Quebradillas is one great town to experience. This municipality is one of the best attractions of the island of Puerto Rico and it particularly lies on the northwestern coast that borders the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in the northern part of San Sebastian, western side of Camuy and eastern part of Isabela.

The municipality of Quebradillas is sub-divided into seven ward or barrios and the Quebradillas Pueblo where you will see the entire administrative offices as well as the downtown area of the town. The seven barrios of the municipality are Cacao, Charcas, Cocos, Guajataca, San Antonio, San Jose and Terranova. Quebradillas is also a major city included in the San Juan-Caguas-Guaybano Metropolitan Statistical Area.

General Info About Quebradillas PR

One of the popular nicknames given to Quebradilla is the La Guarida del Pirata or when translated in English is The Pirate’s Hideout. This is because the town has a very popular beach called Puerto Hermina, which is home to a very old structure that used to be a hideout place for pirates and their goods and contrabands. If you like stories about pirates, for sure, you will hear a lot of them in this town. The history of Quebradillas officially began in the year 1823, when it was founded by Felipe Ruiz. The name Quebradilla originated from the huge amount of streams that flow through the area. However, the term Quebradilla, in literal translation, means small streams.

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Quebradillas PR Weather Forecast

Quebradillas PR 5 Day Weather Forecast

Weather for Quebradillas PR
Today 04/25/2014 04/26/2014
It is forcast to be Rain Showers at 11:00 PM AST on April 24, 2014
Rain Showers
It is forcast to be Rain Showers at 11:00 PM AST on April 25, 2014
Rain Showers
It is forcast to be Rain Showers at 11:00 PM AST on April 26, 2014
Rain Showers

Points of Interest in Quebradillas PR

Quebradillas Puerto Rico Weather ForecastThe municipality of Quebradillas is gifted with natural wonders and various forest preserves. You can actually find one of the twenty forest preserves in the country and it is called Guajataca Forest, which serves as a great representation for an unusual kind of topography that is called karst country. Karst is described by the formations of dissolved limestones like sinkholds and mogotes, or hills that are shaped like haystack. Quebradillas is where you will also find the man-made reservoir called the Guajataca Lake. This is a perfect place for those who love to fish, as you can catch some peacock bass, tilapia, largemouth bass and bluegill in this lake.

Aside from these wonders of nature, there are also other landmarks and other popular tourist attraction that should be visited once you set your feet in this beautiful municipality. If you want to enjoy a scenic park with a chance for an ocean look-out, El Merendero is the place to see. There are also pristine beaches in Quebradillas and one of these is the Guajataca Beach. You should also see the Train Tunnel. In the downtown area, you will find the Old Liberty Theater while you will find in arrio Cocos a place with almost 1000 Barbie dolls called El Museo de Munecas of the Doll Museum. It will also be a lot of fun if you visit Puerto Hermina Beach Pirate Ruins and the Noah’s Arc which is a  petting zoo with a put-put golf course.

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